Running Cadences of the U.S. Army Infantry: REMIX

Running Cadences of the U.S. Army Infantry: REMIX - No. 2115

These recorded-in-the-field Infantry cadences have been remixed individually with Rock, Folk, Hip-Hop, Blue Grass, Percussion and Hard Rock music. This collaboration creates a dynamic listening experience.  It’s a uniquely powerful celebration of each cadence.

All cadences were recorded on location with Army Infantry drill instructors and trainees at Ft. Benning, Georgia. 

Available on CD.

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  1. Can You Hang? (Rock Remix)
  2. Rosie Song (Folk Remix)
  3. Gonna Run (Rock Remix)
  4. Let’s Rock…And Roll (Rock Remix)
  5. Radio Boots And Blood In My Eyes (Folk Remix)
  6. Army (Percussion Remix)
  7. Motivation (Hip-Hop Remix)
  8. When We Get To Heaven (Rock Remix)
  9. My Branch Chief Was Drinking Tea (Hip-Hop Remix)
  10. Lean And Mean (Hip-Hop Remix)
  11. Up In The Morning (Rock Remix)
  12. Clap Your Hands (Rock Remix)
  13. 1, 2, 3, 4, Hey (Hip-Hop Remix)
  14. Hey I Feel Alright Now (Rock Remix)
  15. My Old Granny She’s 91 (Hip-Hop Remix)
  16. Jody (Folk Remix)
  17. Left, Right O’ Left, Right (Hip-Hop Remix)
  18. Feeling Good (Percussion Remix)
  19. All The Way, Everyday (Folk Remix)
  20. Army #2 (Folk Remix)
  21. Hey Little Liza (Folk Remix)