Marine: Earning the Title 1999

Marine: Earning the Title 1999 - No. 111

This extraordinary documentary is the truest, most current, most realistic and inspiring documentary ever to capture the challenging and unforgettable experience of Marine Corps Recruit Training. 

You'll share their trials, pain and triumphs. You'll be there with them from Day One to Graduation, and for the hundreds of training highlights between which lead to the defining moment of "The Crucible" amd the emotion-charged moment when they finally earn the title, 'Marine'. 

"Once a Marine, always a Marine." The change last forever. Though valued memories of Recruit Training may fade through the years, in this documentary those memories are vividly recorded forever. For Marines. And for those who honor them and their proud achievement of earning the title of United States Marine. 

Running Time: 50 min

Officially licensed product of the U.S. Marine Corps. 
Available on DVD and VHS cassette.