First to Fight: The Marine Expeditionary Unit

First to Fight: The Marine Expeditionary Unit - No. 108

Witness the training of a remarkable force of United States Marines as they are forged into a Marine Expeditionary Unit... 'The Tip of America's Spear'... 'The First to Fight'. 

This action-packed film captures the drama and combat-realism of the training and missions which create America's premier force in readiness. 

Comprised of some 2,200 United States Marines, this versatile and mobile fighting force is prepared for full combat as well as for peacekeeping operations and humanitarian assistance. 

Watch as MEU Units go into action armed with helicopters, heavy tanks, artillery, armored vehicles, Harrier jets, landing craft and the personal arsenals of that most deadly of weopons, the fully trained U.S. Marine. 

This remarkable documentary places you within that training with vivid, close-up realism. You will share in the drama and action of room-clearing, live fire squad tactics, boarding and capture of ships, battalion-size beach and machanized assaults to the building-by-building seizure of an enemy-held town.

Available on DVD and VHS cassette.