Art of Camouflage 2

Art of Camouflage 2 - No. 110

This 90 minute instructional video shows, step-by-step, how to create a variety of camouflage systems that have never been shown before. 

Learn to construct SIX different types of Ghillie systems: the British Sniper Veil, the full-body Ghillie-flage suit, the Marine Corps' "Stalker" suit, the Bush Rag, the Sniper Blanket and the Bush Patch system. 

Learn the best ways to camouflage your rifle by using either the Rifle Rag, Bush Boa, or the Chameleon's Tail. 

Learn how to create camouflage out of dyed burlap, synthetic meshes, and natural vegetation to create the lightest and most effective camouflage available.

Available on DVD and VHS cassette.