Run to Cadence with the U.S. Navy Vol. 2

Run to Cadence with the U.S. Navy Vol. 2 - No. 481

Forty-one minutes of Spirit, Tradition, and Motivation! 

Here is the newest collection of Navy running cadences. 

In the motivating oral tradition of military cadences, each caller employs his own distinct style and lyrics. This collection relfects that rich, informal diversity... every cadence wonderfully unique.

Available on CD.

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  1. Looked Up Ahead
  2. Up From a Sub 60 Feet Below
  3. I'm in the U.S. Navy
  4. Shot Rang Out in the Middle of the Night
  5. Somebody, Anybody, Start a War
  6. C-130
  7. Pain
  8. Up in the Morning
  9. Navy... Number One
  10. Had a Dog Named Blue
  11. Hey, Hey Whiskey
  12. Baby Brigade
  13. Tarzan & Jane
  14. PT
  15. Backwoods Johnny
  16. All My Life I Wanted To Be...
  17. Fired Up
  18. Hey, I Feel Alright Now
  19. Mama, If You Could See Me Now
  20. Way Down in the Jungle
  21. Let Me Tell You About My Chief
  22. We Are the Fighting '40'
  23. I Had A Girl, Way out West
  24. Hey Bob, Bob, Re-bob
  25. Running Through the Desert
  26. I Wanna Be a Navy Pilot
  27. Flying Over Moscow
  28. Turn Up the Volume
  29. Up in the Morning II
  30. Air-deck Seabee
  31. Easy Run