Marching Cadence of the U.S. Airborne Vol. II

Marching Cadence of the U.S. Airborne Vol. II - No. 521

Forty minutes of Spirit, Tradition, and Motivation!

Here is the newest collection of US Army Airborne cadences.

In the motivating oral tradition of military cadences, each caller employs his own distinct style and lyrics. This collection reflects that rich, informal diversity...every cadence wonderfully unique.

Available on CD.

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  1. Just The Other Day I Heard A Black Hat Say
  2. Hey, Hey Josephine
  3. Nine On The Front
  4. I Hear The Choppers Coming
  5. Here We Go, We'Re At It Again
  6. Oh, Ah Airborne
  7. In The Early Morning Rain, Standing Tall And Looking Good
  8. Around Her Hair She Wore A Yellow Ribbon
  9. Mama, Mama Can't You See?
  10. I'm A Black Hat Baby
  11. Here We Go Again
  12. We Are Bravo
  13. Got A Letter In The Mail
  14. Steamroller Baby
  15. Shanenanah, The Army life Is Not My Style
  16. Airborne Infantry
  17. Mama Told Johnny Not To Go Downtown
  18. Airborne Trooper
  19. Somewhere There'S A Mother
  20. I Know A Soldier, Way Down In Georgia
  21. Jody Boy
  22. I Don't Know Why I Left
  23. Left, Left, Right, Airborne