Cadences of the U.S. Army

Cadences of the U.S. Army - No. 2200B

Here are the favorite running and marching cadences of the United States Army! 

This book is the newest, largest and most complete collection of Army cadences ever published. And deservedly so, for it was from the ranks of Army soldiers that cadences were invented, perfected and have come to flourish as one of the great American military and oral traditions. 

The cadences within this book celebrate the history, pride, traditions, courage, camaraderie and strength which make the United States Army the greatest, most powerful army in the world. 

For soldiers of the United States Army - past and present - it also serves to record their training and service for which these cadences were such a vivid, motivating force. That's why these cadences say, loud and clear: "This is the way it was." 

Paperback: 126 pages